Frequently Asked Questions

Is extra accommodation available nearby for additional guests?

Yes, there are over 200 beds within a 10 minutes radius of the property that can accommodate from 2 to 18 guests. Check Unwind HV here for extra accommodation options.

Do vineyard concerts cause difficulty with extra accommodation?

Weddings are booked well in advance of concert announcements, so it generally does not create a problem provided you book the extra accommodation early.

Where do we get supplies i.e. milk, bread and ice?

Rutherford shopping centre is located 10 minutes from Luskintyre.  Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Aldi have large stores open from 7am to 10pm daily.

Master of Ceremonies?

It’s very important to have a Master of Ceremonies in charge on the day.  This person is in charge of: making sure that guests know what is happening, at what time and where restrooms are located.

Calvin Estates’ Wedding Coordinator and Onsite Manager will also assist in making sure that everything runs smoothly, where the band or DJ can set up.

Can we have confetti at the wedding ceremony?

No, confetti is not permitted at Calvin Estate but you can use natural Rose petals or similar degradable foliage as confetti.

Can we use candles at the reception?

Yes, provided they sit in fully enclosed open glass or ceramic container. Electric candles are preferred as they generate no fire risk.

Are we permitted to have fireworks at the reception?

No, fireworks are strictly forbidden, however, sparklers are permitted under supervision by Calvin staff.

Can we have additional guests in the house for a party?

Calvin Homestead is designed to accommodate up to a maximum of 12 guests (10 adults and 2 children).  It is not available for large party groups.

When bringing our own alcohol are we able to bring straight spirits?

Straight spirits such as vodka, rum, scotch, shot liquors, etc. are not permitted. However, pre-mixed bottles or cans, such as, scotch and coke are allowed.  All alcohol brought onto the premises must be stored and served by Calvin staff.

What happens to any alcohol you bring that is not consumed?

All alcohol brought onto the premises is checked off and signed for. On the day after the wedding any unopened beverages, including alcohol, that have not been consumed are handed back to you.

Can I bring my own music to be played electronically?

Your pre-prepared music can be played through our speaker system. It must be stored on a standard USB stick

Can I display pre-shot photos on the Barrel Hall display monitor during the reception?

Yes, provided it is available on a standard USB stick.

Does my celebrant have to provide their own speaker system for the ceremony in the Rotunda?

The Rotunda has a power point but celebrants or musicians must provide their own microphone and speaker/amplifier system if required.