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These Terms and Conditions cover your use of Calvin Estate for your function, and are to be read together with the Wedding Package as provided.  These terms and conditions apply once you have accepted our Package in accordance with clause 2.

1. Wedding Package

Wedding Package includes:

  1. Exclusive access to the chosen Calvin Estate venue(s)
  2. Services as outlined in the Wedding Package provided to you
  3. RSA qualified beverage bar staff
  4. Calvin Estate Wedding Coordinator and Onsite Manager (see clause 11 below)

2. Booking Fee

Subject to a visit to Calvin Estate to discuss your requirements, we will provide you with a printed Wedding Package which outlines relevant wedding information.  Payment of the booking fee in full guarantees the adult Package Rate as outlined in the Wedding Package provided to you.

To accept our Package, secure your desired Function Date and Venue, you must:

  1. Pay to us a Booking Fee of $2,500
  2. Provide us with a copy of our Event Booking Form completed and signed by you and to which you acknowledge these Standard Wedding Terms and Conditions have been attached
  3. Provide us with a copy of our Bond Agreement Form completed and signed by you prior to the date
  4. If Calvin House onsite accommodation is booked pay to us a holding deposit of $500

3. Terms

On or before the date that is six (6) months prior to the wedding date you must pay to us 25% (Payment 1) of the estimated Price.

On or before the date that is three (3) months prior to the date you must pay to us a further 25% (Payment 2) of the estimated Price.

On or before the date that is one (1) month prior to the wedding date you must pay to us the balance of the estimated Price.

You acknowledge that our obligation to provide the goods and services under these terms and conditions is subject to you first making payment to us in full together with the Bond referred to in clause 14.  The main wedding invoice will be issued one (1) month prior to the function date with a final reconciliation advice provided two (2) weeks prior to the date outlining any cost adjustment.  If no change occurs in guest numbers as outlined in the main invoice a final reconciliation advice will not be issued.  Following the function, any outstanding costs will be deducted from the Bond as referred to in clause 14.  Interest charges will apply for invoice amounts unpaid by the due date at prevailing bank overdraft rate.

If you book your function more than twelve (12) months in advance, you acknowledge that we may need to adjust the Package Rate to cover any reasonable increase in labour, produce or materials that occurs between the booking date and the Function Date.

4. Variations & Additional Ceremony Guests

You may reasonably request to vary your requirements at any time up to one month prior to the Function Date.  No change in guest numbers will be accepted within fourteen (14) days of the function.

Guests, in addition to the agreed Reception number, attending post Ceremony beverages/canapés will be charged at the rate of $25/head.

5. Catering

Calvin Estate takes no responsibility for food supplied by clients or their guests or any issues arising from its onsite storage or consumption.
It is the clients’ sole responsibility to inform Calvin Estate or our catering contractor in writing of any food allergies and/or food intolerances.

Whilst all care is taken in relation to food allergies and intolerances advised to us or our catering contractor Calvin Estate takes no responsibility for any adverse reaction by any guest to the food prepared and served by our catering contractor.

All care will be taken to identify guests who have requested a special dietary meal including those guests with food allergies and food intolerances, however, due to the social nature of events guests often change their seating location even if only for a brief time and as a result the ultimate responsibility lies with the guest to identify themselves and their dependents, including but not limited to children, to service staff.

6. Service Delivery

In accordance with local Council restrictions the reception must finish by 11.30pm.  License restrictions limit the service of alcoholic beverages up to 11pm.

7. Access and Decorations

The Estate will available for set up from midday on the day prior to the Function.  Access for set up can be arranged with the onsite Manager in advance.  Any decorations proposed to be secured to the building (internal or external) must be first approved by the onsite Manager.  Responsibility for table decorations remains with the provider.

8. Parking /Onsite Vans

Guests and suppliers are to use the approved parking area only.  Parking or driving is not permitted on the grass areas around the main buildings or gate area unless otherwise approved by management.  Disabled parking is available in marked zones.

Our public liability insurance does not cover the use of caravans or camper trailers brought onsite for overnight stays by guests attending weddings.  There use, other than for short term parking for the duration of a wedding, is not permitted at Calvin.

9. Safety

It is the responsibility of our client to ensure guests, including but not limited to children, are kept away from any hot or potentially dangerous equipment. Calvin Estate accepts no responsibility for any damage to property or persons caused by non-compliance with event venue rules, safety regulations or reasonable requests by Calvin management.

10. Security /RSA /Smoking /Pets /Children /Fireworks

We reserve the right to utilise security staff to manage risk to the property or assets if we consider it necessary.  Service of alcoholic beverages for your reception is subject to responsible service of alcohol and staff may refuse to serve guests in accordance with RSA requirements.  In general, provision of alcoholic beverages during the reception will be limited to reasonable consumption as deemed by Calvin management.  Should an incident arise within the licensed area, the patron(s) involved will be immediately requested to leave the premises.

Under NSW laws smoking is not permitted in public dining or licensed drinking areas (Barrel Hall and Garden Courtyard).

Calvin Estate, including Calvin House, is a pet free zone.  The Hunter Pet Motel offers a pet pickup and delivery service, if required.

We highly recommend a baby sitter be provided where there are more than 5 children (under 12 years) included on the guest list.  Please ask about this service.  Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

Fireworks and live flames are not covered under Calvin Estate’s Public Liability insurance policy and are not permitted.  Live candles in the Barrel Hall or Garden Courtyard are permitted if contained in an enclosed glass jar or similar.  Open raw candles are not acceptable due to the fire risk.

11. Entertainment

You are responsible for the engagement and conduct of entertainment providers.  You must provide details of the entertainment providers to us at least thirty one (31) days prior to the Function Date.  We reserve the right to nominate where a live band or DJ performs on the Estate.  Consumption of alcohol by a contractor employed by you is not permitted.

We reserve the right to terminate any entertainment or event that is unauthorised or deemed inappropriate at any time during the function.

12. External Suppliers

You must provide us with the details of any external suppliers or contractors and their requested access requirements to us at least fourteen days (14) prior to the Function Date.  We accept no responsibility for your use of external suppliers.

13. Event Director and Onsite Manager

The Calvin Onsite Manager and/or Event Director will be present for the duration of the function.  This person will be available to assist you with technical aspects of the site.

You must follow the reasonable directions of the Onsite Manager or Event Director during your function.

14. Loss & Damage

You are responsible for any loss and/or damage to the Estate, including but not limited to accommodation facilities, function rooms, furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment and gardens caused by you, your guests, your agents or suppliers, in connection with the function.

A minimum fee of $250.00 will apply where special, heavy duty cleaning equipment is required to remove any stain caused by your guests or their actions.

You indemnify and hold us harmless against any liability, cost or loss (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis and consequential loss) incurred by us arising from your breach of these terms and conditions or misuse of the Estate and from any claim against us by any third party, including your guests, in connection with the function.

You warrant that all contractors or sub-contractors providing services to you for your event at Calvin Estate hold current workers compensation and public liability insurance.

15. Payment

Payments can be made by way of EFTPOS, Visa or Master Card or by direct deposit into Calvin Estate’s account at the CBA Bank : BSB 062 581, Account 10256478.  Credit card privacy laws are respected.

16. Bond

Credit card details are required for a Bond to cover any outstanding amounts owing in association with the wedding or damages that may occur to the main function venue, gardens and surrounds and Calvin House, if applicable.  The Bond Agreement Form will be supplied to you to fill out and sign prior to the Date.  Credit card details are the only form of payment accepted for the Bond.  The Bond will be automatically refunded within seven (7) working days, if activated, following the Function Date less any outstanding invoice amounts or costs incurred due to damage, if applicable.

17. Cancellation and Refunds

If you cancel your function at any time any monies paid to us including the Booking Fee are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking, if monies due for payment under invoice have not been received within seven (7) days of the due date.  A fourteen (14) day notice of impending cancellation will be issued.

Cancellations must be in writing.

18. Force Majeure

In the event of Calvin Estate’s inability to comply with any of the provisions due to interruption of electricity or gas supplies, industrial disputes, plant & equipment failure, unavailability of food stuffs, or any other unforeseen contingency or accident, Calvin Estate reserves the right to cancel any booking and refund any deposit and all monies paid.

19. General

Unless otherwise stated, prices include GST and are in Australian dollars.

If the day on or by which you must do something under this document is not a Business Day, you must do the thing on or by the next Business Day.  ‘Business Day’ means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or a day that is a public holiday in NSW.

This agreement is governed by, and is to be construed in accordance with, the law of New South Wales and the parties submit to the
non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and any court hearing appeals from those courts.

20. Interpretation

In these standard terms and conditions:

  1. ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our’ and ‘Calvin Estate’ means Calvin House Pty Ltd ABN 15 112 093 286
  2. ’you,’ ‘us,’ ‘your’ means the bride and groom, both separately and together
  3. “the Estate” means the Ceremony and Reception Venues, Calvin House and surrounds
  4. ‘Manager’ means the onsite duty Manager on the day of the Function
  5. ‘Wedding Date’ and ‘Date’ means the date of your event
  6. ‘Wedding Package’ or ‘Package’ means information provided to you either in electronic or paper form outlining services offered
  7. ‘Event Booking Form’ means the form signed by you outlining the general extent of services required by you for your function
  8. ‘Package Rate’ means the adult per head cost of providing catering, beverages and staff for the function
  9. ‘Price’ means the total GST inclusive amount payable for all services including onsite accommodation outlined in the Wedding Package and agreed by you in the event booking form as provided for under these terms and conditions or as varied in accordance with these terms and conditions.